How to Color Hair with Chalk

My daughter sees me dying my hair all the time. That’s what happens when you start going grey right? Well, the other day she saw someone with pink hair and said she wanted to dye her hair pink. My eyes widened but I just said okay. But internally I was screaming ‘your hair is soooooo pretty! Why do you want to dye it? It will ruin it?!’

So we had a conversation about what dying your hair does to it. How damaging it is. In her sweet voice she asked me “But isn’t there something that doesn’t damage my hair like dying would but that would wash out as well?”

Yes! I had her thinking. Happy dance! So we googled and searched and found hair chalk! She can color her hair whatever color or colors she wants and then it washes out. Win win! She saved up her money and bought these Alex Toys Artist Studio 48 count  pastel chalks off amazon. 


So we watched some videos and learned how to use these pastel chalks to color her hair. Some days she’ll just o a strip, other times the tips, or multiple colors. She even does her sibling’s hair too! 

Check out her how to video to see how to color your hair with this easy method.