Yummy Strawberry Smoothie

My daughter Devrey came home yesterday asking about youtube. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve never let my kids have free reign on tech. They’ve never been on youtube before. She asked if she was allowed to be on youtube. At first I told her no and I realized how unrealistic that is. It’s better to teach them how to properly use it and the pitfalls that exist. So as long as either her father or I are watching with her, she can.

Her friend from school has a channel and Devrey wanted to watch her friends video’s. So we watched them and I asked if Devrey wanted to make video’s. She was sooooo excited. She came home from school today and said she knew what her first video was going to be, how to make one of her favorite snacks – a strawberry smoothie.

She’s so cute (and yes, I’m partial since I’m her mom.) but check out her video: