Best Sunless Tanner!

Okay, yes, I can be a little vain at times – but I love to be tan. I feel better about myself when my skin has a tan. Anyone else? So for me it’s a little mental health. With it being winter I can’t lay out in the sun and I don’t have time (nor the desire) to go to a tanning bed. That being said, I’ve tried a few sunless tanners my first was Jergen’s tanning lotion but it was turn orange if I used it too often and it smelled like tanning lotion. Then I tried Rodan + Fields last year and I LOVED it. It didn’t smell, the tan was subtle and I’d have to us it twice a week to get a noticeable tan but I loved it. I decided to try a new one that I found on Amazon. It had over 1,300 reviews and had 4.5 stars. I read the reviews and was impressed enough that I decided to order it plus it’s cheaper than the R+F.
After reading more of the reviews I decided to purchase the application mitt that is recommended by the company and also many customers. 

I put it on today and OMGOSH! This photo is 30 seconds after applying the product on my left leg! Look how tan I look and it’s not orange!!! I also could see why they recommend the mitt and exfoliator mitt as well.
The only thing I would change is if it could have no scent. It has a slight apple scent. But I love how well it works. If you want to try out s sunless tanner give this one a shot Skinerals Organic Sunless Tanner.