Confessions of an Independent Color Street Stylist – To Quit or Not To Quit

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About 8 months ago my activity as a Independent Color Street Stylist started to decline. My monthly sales had been averaging $700+  (and that’s selling a product that is $11 – $13 a set!) I was making over $500 a month in profits each month. And then I dwindled to barely making $100 a month in sales. All due to this:

Okay, I can’t really blame the baby. It was still my choice. I was having a really hard time. This was baby #5 and apparently I was AMA too (advanced maternal age). I’m pretty sure that’s the nice way of saying I’m a geriatric pregnant woman! bahahaha!

But in all seriousness, I was feeling it. This pregnancy was much more difficult on my body, I was having a hard time functioning minute to minute. Not only did my body hurt and ache, I was extremely nauseated. I had to get on 2 nausea medications just to function and I was still throwing up and extremely sick. Needless to say I spent a lot of my time laying on the floor, while playing games with my kids, just trying to survive minute to minute. Did I mention that I have 4 other kids? Ages 8, 5, 4, 3. I’m sure you can image that I was taking care of them on top of the sickness. Plus I was trying to work on a book I’m writing and creating paintings for a paint night company. Oh yeah, and I’m a direct sales girl – an independent Color Street Stylist. Oh, and I had responsibilities for my church and I had to manage the house. You know the typical, cooking and cleaning. Oh, and run my kids to their various after school activities. Oh and I was babysitting two kids 2-3 days a week. Not much right? Ugh. I was spiraling down hill – fast.

I was being pulled in so many directions that my husband…and my therapist (there is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist) strongly suggested that I needed to unload my plate. I was doing way too much and it was affecting my health in multiple facets. So I stopped painting, I stopped writing, I stopped babysitting and I stopped being so active with Color Street – I had no desire to do it. And it made life easier.

As a Independent Color Street Stylist you have to bonus qualify once in a six month period to stay active. Meaning you need one month in six where you have $300 in sales. You also have a monthly maintenance fee for your website of $9.99. I was no longer doing much to try to sell Color Street and each month I thought about just quitting. Why was I still a stylist if I wasn’t actively doing sales? Why was I paying $9.99 to maintain my website? I hate paying for services that I’m not using.

Each month I came within millimeters of quitting. There were a couple months that I even wrote out my letter to corporate to cancel my stylist membership. This went on for 4 months. So what stopped me you might be asking? Every single month, even though I wasn’t actively trying to sell Color Street, I would get sales on my website! I would make enough to pay for my website each month, so I wasn’t loosing money. Heck, I was still making money even though I wasn’t doing ANYTHING!

So I decided if I wasn’t loosing money, and I was actually still making money without doing anything why in the world should I stop selling it? That would be kinda stupid. So I stayed with it. Eventually my sickness went away around 6 months into my pregnancy and I decided to start becoming active with Color Street. So I began posting in my VIP facebook group again and I easily bonus qualified that month and every month since by just doing a few posts here and there, and hosting 1-2 online facebook parties a month.

I delivered this little one a week ago, and a week later I’m already working on Color Street. Just by doing 2 posts in my VIP facebook group I generated $120 in sales. So yes, I’m still a stylist. I didn’t quit Color Street. The product sells itself. It’s inexpensive. It’s fun. It lasts longer than a nail polish mani you’d get from a Salon (which I put to the test myself to see which would hold up longer). I feel pretty having my nails painted. And I love that there’s no drying time which means no smudges! My period of to Quit or Not to Quit showed me that people love the product and will continually buy the product even if I’m not actively focused on selling it. If you’d like more info on being a Color Street Independent Stylist just click here. I feel blessed everyday to be part of this amazing company. Or if you want to try a free sample click here.  If you’re adventurous and haven’t tried the product out but want to snag the mix and match buy 3 get 1 free deal or the Buy 1 get 1 Free on french tips AND get a free sample to go along with it just click here.

Man I need to use more lotion! I have grandma hands in this picture! Although I guess it might be fitting since I was AMA too this pregnancy! lol