Salon Mani vs. Color Street Mani

  Who loves to go to a Nail Salon to get their nails done? I know there are a lot of people who enjoy it. It’s probably been about 5 years since I last went and had a mani done. My friend decided to surprise me and we went to get our nails done on March 3, 2018. I wish I would have taken pictures of every thing, but you know the feeling when you walk in. It’s relaxing. Comfy chairs, water trickling in the background to create a calming atmosphere.

I’m an Independent Color Street Stylist and I was hesitant to put regular bottle polish on my fingers but then I thought, “Hey! This is the perfect way to compare a Salon mani to a Color Street mani!” So I decided to do an a fuchsia bottle nail polish on all my fingers except one on each hand – this I had them apply a Color Street Nail Polish accent Nail to.

I enjoyed the fact that at a salon, they primp my nails, and oh! the arm and hand massage is quite heavenly! I’d be willing to go back just for that! I have come to realize, I HATE waiting for nail polish to dry. First the nail tech applied the base coat. Wait for it to dry. Then the color. More waiting. Then she accidentally bumped one of my nails and smeared a little bit of it, but didn’t go back and fix it. Ugh. After that she wanted to apply the Color Street accent nail. huh.

Well, she doesn’t speak english. Hmmmm. I have to let my nails dry so I can’t touch anything. Talk about frustrating. So I carefully mimed how to put them on and the nail technician did it! Okay, Color Street is so easy to apply, no words are necessary! Crazy. You know what else? I didn’t have to wait for my Color Street to dry. Score! But my other nails were still drying. Ugh. Can I just say, it made me realize how much I HATE waiting for nail polish to dry? FINALLY, it was dry and she applied the top coat to my other nails. Which meant? You got it. More drying time! ARGH!!!!! And she even got nail polish on my skin and didn’t clean it up. I had to ask someone else later to clean my hands up.

All in all this made me realize a few things – mainly I don’t have the patience to get a mani at a Salon unless I have them put Color Street on my nails. I know – for shame. Here’s a picture one week later. The Fuchsia is the bottle polish from the salon that the nail tech did. See how bad it’s chipping? The Glitter is the Color Street Tokyo Lights accent nail. The tip is barely showing and there’s no chipping!

Does Color Street really last longer than a Salon Manicure? Yes it does! My mani at the Salon cost me $14 plus a tip for a solid color – that doesn’t hold up even a week. Color Street – for a solid Color is only $11 and can last up to 14 days and even longer – and I don’t have to tip anyone or wait around for my nails to dry. And I have enough strips to get a full mani and pedi with extras left over. So for me – I’m going to stick with my Color Street! Image may contain: one or more people and closeup