Free Samples!!!

Image may contain: textI’m in love with Color Street nail polish! I love to look down at my nails and see beautiful designs on them. I get a small thrill when I get complimented on my nails and my response is “I did them myself, in under 10 minutes!” It never fails that their eyes go big and they respond “no way!” Color Street is extremely easy to apply, and they have so many cute designs. My nails have stopped chipping and splitting, they’ve become stronger and longer since I began wearing them. I won’t be wearing anything else on these nails.

Would you like to take the Color Street challenge?  Try out a twosie on your nails and paint the rest of your nails with traditional nail polish and see which holds up better. You can request a sample called a ‘Twosie’, click here to get a free sample while supplies last!